Graphic Posters

Monday Morning

This is a typographic exploration of creating letterforms using found objects. The theme of "Monday's" appealed to me because it has a reputation of being the most dreaded day of the week. It signified the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week. By using coffee grounds as the medium, I wanted to explore the connection between dreaded Monday mornings and the coffee that gets you through it. 

This work was featured in the Swash & Serif Typography Show.


Paul Renner's Futura

This two sided poster is designed to provide historical information about type designer Paul Renner and the iconic typeface, Futura. The front of the poster is designed using fragments of the letterforms and displayed in a Vorticism style. The back of the poster outlines the historical, structural and social implications of Futura.


Ideas Take Shape

Poster series designed for the Department of Design at York University to promote the program to prospective students.