How can the wait time in walk-in clinics be better utilized?
What changes can be made to empower patients?
How can anxiety and uncertainty be reduced?


rethinking the waiting room experience


Some reasons for long wait times include:

• poorly organized services, lack of coordination among all those involved in delivering services

• shortages of health care workers

• the need for more long-term care and home care

Patients reports that empathy from nurses and other staff have a greater impact on actual satisfaction levels.


A mobile app that is used in the waiting room that shows patients visually where they are in line. With this information, they will feel less anxiety about wait times and are able to leave the clinic if they wish. They are also able to fill out a form with their symptoms that their doctor will review during their visit, which helps to move the process along faster and reduce overall wait time for everyone.

I mapped out a timeline of a typical patient experience from feeling ill and needing care to going to the clinic and leaving. I wanted to focus the solution at the point of waiting and seeing the doctor, so I shortened the timeline to emphasize on the problem at hand and the appropriate solution.




app architecture 


featured screens




Profile and symptom form are accessible from the queue screen.







Watch the queue update in real time to see your place in line.



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